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Our Team

Here you will find out more about our team and why it is the best team to give advice on teaching, educating and learning. First of all, this blog has come into existence as a result of many ideas and years of experience in education. Our team consists of groups of teachers, educators, at different levels of education and with different educational backgrounds. We make sure that our posts cover a variety of topics, all of which are to do with education and learning. Our main objective is to write articles that will help teachers to make changes in their lessons, introduce changes to their classrooms and change the schools for the better. In this way, we as teachers and educators can also change the world.

What We Do And How We Can Help You

We are a team of experienced teachers, educators and professionals, who can help you and guide you through educating your pupils or your children. Whether you are a teacher as well, or a parent, or perhaps a parent who is dedicating most of their time to homeschooling their children, here you will be able to find all the necessary tips and guidance for better education. We take pride in what we do and make sure that our readers can find out more about modern educational trends, the approaches that give the best results according to latest researches, and of course to give our experiences. This is a place where you will be able to share your teaching experiences with others, read more about educational topics that will help you guide your pupils or children towards comprehensive knowledge of the world as a whole.


In the following section, we will be giving answers to some questions that we get so often in our mailbox, so if you are itching to ask one of these questions – you will find them here.

  • As an organization that writes about teaching, we often get questions such as this one. While there are many approaches to teaching, many curriculum and different schools, as a teacher you are still the only one to decide how to teach and pick the best way you think is for teaching your subject.

  • We are a non-profit organization that writes about teaching, but we can also help you build connections with other teachers and get in touch with different schools and Universities. From time to time, we will publish a teaching job position when the schools ask that from us.

  • Teachers have notoriously small salaries throughout the world. But the main reason why someone becomes a teacher is to help others, guide and teach them, not to make money.



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