Art And Schooling – Should Art Be A Separate School Subject?

When it comes to art, it is extremely important for the development of young brains, and a way in which people can express their personalities, their emotions, their experiences and come to an understanding of the world as a whole. For all of these reasons, it can be said with certainty, that art is an extremely important part of our lives. But in this article, we will tackle a different subject and that is how integrating arts into other subjects makes learning come alive.

Art As A Separate School Subject

In schools across the world, art is often a separate subject. However, is that really the best approach? The latest research in teaching, education and methodology, has shown that the children learn the best in an integrated way. When you think about it, it also makes a whole lot of sense. The world is not compartmentalized into different school subjects, it is a mess we must learn how to navigate through it. For this reason, it is often not the best idea for art or any other school subject to stand singled out of other school subjects. The integrated approach means that once you talk about art, you can also talk about other world aspects, such as history, language, science and many others.

How To Integrate Art Into Other Subjects

artThe key is learning how to connect subjects, so that the approach to learning is as natural as it can get. As it has been mentioned, learning how to navigate through the world that we live in is often difficult, but learning how to connect things is what counts. No one will ever ask you to define the cell, but learning how to connect all the facts and information about the world, often has beneficial effects not just on the development on the brain, but the understanding of the world. Integrating art into other school subjects is actually pretty easy, if only you have some ideas how to do it and the freedom as a teacher to try a different approach.

Expressing Yourself!

Expressing yourself can make a huge impact on whatever children learn and will make them more capable of understanding the world. Expressing their thoughts and ideas through art, will also make them understand what they have learned a lot better and build a connection between the knowledge that they possess. One way of expressing themselves through art and connecting it with other areas of knowledge and subjects, is to allow them to share their knowledge through art forms. That being said, when we think of art, somehow it is always considered to be visual art, but there are so many art forms. Connecting art forms, fusing knowledge and allowing the children and people in general to express themselves is one of the best ways to learn and remember the facts that they have acquired. If you want to help boost creativity in school, this is just one of the ways to achieve that.