Pros And Cons Of Unschooling

In order to understand how schooling works, and could be improved, we also have to talk about the latest trend in schooling, and that is the so-called unschooling. If you are prepared to learn more about unschooling, you have come to the right place. This is the article where we will openly discuss all the pros and cons of both unschooling, and hopefully it will be a little bit easier for you do decide whether or not you want to use unschooling as a teaching method.

Pros OfUnschooling As A Teaching Method

In this section, you will find just some of the reasons why unschooling might sound like such a great idea. While there might be many other reasons why unschooling is a great choice, when we first think of unschooling and its pros, this is what comes to mind.


Being free is what unschooling is all about. Free to investigate the world and expand your ideas and your knowledge. The sense of not being forced to learn anything in particular, in fact has such a liberating effect that most students start investigating and researching on their own. This factor increases motivation for independent research and thirst for knowledge that is most likely to last a lifetime.

Freedom Of Choice

In addition to being free and sensing that a pupil or a student can learn whatever comes to their mind, it is also important to mention the freedom of choice that has a positive effect on this teaching process and gives great results in the teaching practice.

Synthesizing Knowledge

knowledgeIt is also a great way to connect the dots, so to speak, and synthesize the knowledge that one gets. It is actually what makes the students use their knowledge properly.

World Knowledge

Learning more about life in general and how things work, is a lot easier with the unschooling as a teaching method.

Cons OfUnschooling As A Teaching Method

In this part, you will have the opportunity to see just why unschooling is a bad idea. While there is no black and white approach, and you could use both schooling and unschooling together as a teaching method, there are just some aspects of teaching that cannot be covered with unschooling, and those are the following.

Lack Of Structure

Lack of structure is actually what really makes the unschooling method one of the methods that should not be used as often. If you are a teacher who likes their structure, then unschooling might not be your thing.

Lack Of Knowledge Systemization

While knowledge synthesis is important, it is also important to learn more about knowledge systemization. While synthesis helps, it is also crucial for students to learn how to see knowledge as a system.

Factual Knowledge

Factual knowledge can get scattered with the unschooling method, which is why schooling method gives much better results when it comes to facts and figures.

Abstract Knowledge

Abstract knowledge is also a lot easier to teach with the schooling method, because often students cannot learn about certain abstract things in the unschooling environment and with unschooling teaching method.