How Could Technology Be Integrated Into The Teaching Of Social Studies

There are many ways in which technology could be integrated into the teaching process, but more importantly today we will be talking about how technology can be integrated into teaching of social studies. So if you are preparing to try something new in your teaching methodology and start teaching social studies with technology, this is the right place to start.

Start Teaching With Technology

This is the right time to start teaching with technology, since technology has been around for a while, it is surprising you have not started teaching social studies this way earlier. Teaching with technology is making your life as a teacher so much easier, that once you try teaching this way you will definitely not regret it. If you are one of those teachers who are still oppressing to using new technologies in teaching, this is perhaps the time to start changing your methods of teaching.

How To Teach Social Studies

There are many ways in which you can teach social studies. That being said, social studies are also diverse, so depending on the social studies and the subjects that you are teaching, your task might me a lot easier with the help of technology. The traditional way to teach social studies is becoming dated and teaching ex catedra is definitely becoming the thing of the past. Teaching social studies with technology will not just make your subject a lot more appealing to students, it will also help them understand the matter that you are teaching in a way which is close to them and which is easier for them to understand. This is precisely why as teachers we always need to keep up with the times and learn what is most appealing to students. If you believe that students are beginning to lose the interest for your subject, and you are willing to try teaching social studies in a completely new way, this is a great place to start and a great way to also work on yourself. Just like students should be apt to learn during their lifetime, that is how we, as teachers, should commit to learning new technologies, implementing them in our process of teaching and creating such an environment that will help students to learn.

Which Aspects Of Social Studies Could Be Taught With Technology

Many subjects could be taught with the use of technology, and especially social subjects are a lot easier to teach and to study with the use of technology. There also are some aspects of social studies that are easier to teach with some use of technological devices. For example, if you are a history teacher, you can use technology to help your students become more aware of the historical eras through an interesting app, than you will be able to get them interested in boring historical topics. If you were just to talk to them, you will probably be one of those boring history teachers. In this way you are making it able for them to become interested in a topic even though they are not interested in a particular topic on their own. Even the boring aspects of each social studies subject can be made a lot interesting in this way.


Technological Advancements And Teaching Of Social Studies

It is great that we live in the day and age in which we can use all the perks of technological advancements in order to be able to teach social studies. You can use technology in different ways, you just have to show some creativity and initiative to start using technological advancements in your classroom. Also, if you decide that some areas of social studies are easier to teach the old-fashioned way, you can switch between your old teaching habits and new technologies. That is to say, you do not have to completely change the way you teach – you just have to be willing to start using technology in your teaching process. Not only that it will make your life as a teacher as lot easier, but it will also attract more students to your subject and help them better grasp the subject that you are teaching.

What Social Studies Have To Do With Social Networks

compSocial studies are also a great way to start exploring social networks and teaching up to date history, from the aspect that is close to your students. You can teach sociology, history, philosophy and many other social studies, in a lot more efficient way, with the help of technology. You can also implement new teaching strategies and help shape the way students explore these subjects and investigate more about them through the medium which is currently the closest to their interests – and that is of course technology. Also your teaching process will be facilitated with the help of technology and you will also benefit from this approach. So for the sake of your students and yourself as a teacher, if you want to upgrade your teaching and transfer the knowledge to your students, this is a great way to start doing just that.

How To Investigate Social Changes With Technology

There are many ways in which technological devices could facilitate the research process for yourself and your students. It is also a great way to start motivating your students to explore new aspects of current trends in social studies, and help them become more independent in their research. Investigating synchronic or diachronic social studies with the use of technology can be a lot more interesting as well, and give better results. In addition to that, it will also help prepare your students for further studies and their own independent research.

What are your thoughts and beliefs on this topic? If you are currently teaching social studies with or without technology we invite you to share your thoughts on this topic as well as your experiences in teaching social studies in general. Make sure that you share your experiences with other teachers, as they might benefit from it as well.